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Let's Get Started

Below, I’ll guide you through the digital booking process, new client service options, and pricing so your first visit will be seamless.



Get To Know Your Stylist

Finding a stylist you connect with and building a relationship is crucial to achieving your hair goals. Get to know a little bit about me so you can decide if we are a good match.

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Select Your New Guest Session

Read through the New Guest services and choose the best fit. Simplified packages include everything you need for your first visit, eliminating confusion and pricing "surprises".



Request Your Appointment

Use my simple online booking system to book your appointment. You will have the option of booking an appointment immediately or filling out a digital consultation if you would like more guidance in selecting your service.



Get Excited!

You will receive a booking confirmation and Welcome email within 24 hours M-F. All that's left is to arrive at the salon feeling relaxed and confident, and walk away feeling like your best self. 


Before you arrive

Welcome Packet

I get it,  going to a new stylist can be intimidating. To make your first visit go as seamlessly as possible, a Welcome Packet will be emailed to you with answers to common questions so you know exactly what to expect, as well as a little more about me, and how to make the most out of your appointment.


Life is hectic, and I know we need ALL the reminders. You will receive a confirmation email 72 hours prior to your appointment as well as a text 24 hours before. 

Visit Customization

The day of, or the evening before each appointment, you will receive a text with a link to customize your appointment. You'll be able to select refreshments, music, and essential oils, add service upgrades, upload inspirations photos, let me know of any hair or scalp concerns you are experiencing and much more.

Your Appointment


Every visit begins with a consultation where we will discuss your hair history, your hair care routine, and your desired outcome to ensure we are on the same page about both your short term and long term hair goals.

Punctual and Predictable Appointment Time

I know your time is valuable and you can expect your appointment to start on time, as well as a realistic time frame for when you can expect to be done.

Elevated Refreshments

Choose from a selection of sweet or savory snacks, and an array of delicious beverages, including seasonal selections, to keep you fueled and hydrated during your visit.

Shampoo Experience

Undeniably the best part! With the lights dimmed, and spa music playing, relax while you receive a hot towel head wrap and scalp massage with your choice of aromatherapy.


No look is complete without a style. Whether you like a bouncy blow out or prefer it flat ironed  or curled, every appointment includes a complete style. During styling, I'll share tips on how to recreate the look at home.


After Goodbye

Maintenance Plan

At the end of each visit we will go over your maintenance plan which includes future appointments, recommended at home care and styling tips.


You will receive an email with your maintenance plan so you can refer back to it whenever you need to.

Follow Up

Your satisfaction is at the top of my priorities and I know it can be scary to reach out with an issue, so you can expect to hear from me approximately one week after your first appointment to make sure you are 100% happy with your hair. 

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